How do I access out of hours?

The GP Emergency Centre covers patients when the practice is closed, on weekdays from 6.30pm to 8am, over the weekend from 6.30pm on Friday to 8am on Monday and on Bank Holidays.

The GP Emergency Centre is just that. It is designed to treat conditions that cannot wait until the next day. Conditions that have been present for some days or weeks are not emergencies unless they suddenly become very much worse.

The Centre is not a drop in facility, an alternative to visiting one's own GP, or an opportunity for a second opinion.

Be prepared for qualified, medical advice to be given over the telephone either by a Nurse or a Doctor. This will often prove to be all that is needed until surgery reopens.

You may be dealt with by a Doctor other than your own GP. In an emergency, this is not an issue if you provide that GP with as much information about your condition as is possible.

You must telephone the center before visiting. Their staff will triage every call and, based on the information you give, will confirm whether your attendance really is necessary and cannot wait or can be dealt with by telephone advice.The Emergency Centre can be accessed via  01472 256256.