Patient Participation Group

Woodford Meeting

  • Wednesday 19th June 2019 - 6:30 pm Seminar Room 2


The Group chairperson is Mr John Warner.

What do we do?

We are a friendly group, open to all patients, that gives feedback and suggestions for improvements to the services of our practice.

We develop and improve areas such as health promotion and messages published on the website and on posters, leafelts and newsletters.

We help the practice to encourage self-help and self-management of ilnesses by: -

          a) developing a better understanding of the telephone triage system
          b) promoting the online services available to patients

What have we helped the Practice to do?

  • Development of the appointments system
  • Development of the services that the Practice offers to the patients
  • Helped the Practice in achieving the Quality Practice Award and the Chartermark Award
  • Development of the website and online services - the first in the area to do so
  • Ensure that we keep the 'Family Doctor' ethos in Freshney Green

Further information on Patient Participation Groups can be accessed from the NAPP Website

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