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If an appointment cannot be kept, please notify the surgery at the earliest opportunity.

We have a mix of male and female doctors, both principals and salaried GPs, practicing in partnership. They all provide maternity medical services, contraceptive services, to childhood immunisations, flu injections in the autumn, hepatitis B for those at risk, plus advice and immunisations for foreign travel.

Dr Jafri, Dr Ramesh, and Dr Chathley provide minor surgery. Full confidentiality is assured for all age groups. The practice is recognised for the provision of Child Health Surveillance.

Among the Clinics and Services that the Practice offers to its patients are:

Cervical Screening

Patients will receive a letter when their cervical screening is due and should contact the surgery to make an appointment with a Practice Nurse.

Ideally the test should be done during the middle of the menstrual cycle (usually 14 days from the start of the last period), as this can ensure a better sample of cells is taken.

The use of spermicide, a barrier method of contraception or a lubricant jelly, should be avoided for 24 hours before the test, as the chemicals they contain may affect the test.

The results are sent automatically and directly to the patients with copies sent to the Practice.

Except in exceptional circumstances, all women registered with the practice are invited for cervical screening as follows:

  • aged 25 to 49 – every three years
  • aged 50 to 64 – every five years
  • over 65 – only women who haven't been screened since age 50 or those who have recently had abnormal tests

Further information is available from the NHS Choices Website.

Healthy Eating Clinic

Referrals are made via a doctor to Vicki Peterson at Littlefield who provides nutritional advice clinics on Wednesdays and Thursday at Freshney Green.

Longterm Conditions (Asthma, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes)

The Practice holds specific long term conditions clinics and all patients will be seen by appointment by a practice nurse.

For more detail about these conditions, the websites, below may be of use:

  • Diabetes -
  • Asthma -
  • Heart Disease -
  • NHS Choices -

Our Practice Nurses and Doctors can also provide other material including leaflets about thje various conditions on request.

Minor Surgery

We are part of the North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group Minor Surgery and Skin Cancer Services. Dr Jafri, Dr Ramesh, and Dr Chathley provide minor surgery for our own patients as well as patients from other practices who are referred to us. Referrals to Dr Jafri, Dr Ramesh, and Dr Chathley can be made by any of the GP in the Practice or by GPs from around the area.


The Practice offers this service to our patients who need venepuncture.

The clinics, run daily, are provided by our Health Care Assistants Bernie, Carol and Digna. To book an appointment please call the surgery on 01472 372100.

Substance Misuse

The pactice provides a Substance Misuse Clinic, held every Wednesday afternoon from 1.00pm. The clinic is managed by Claire Avery with GP and Practice Nurse support.


NHS e-Referral Service is an electronic booking system that, once your GP decides you need to see a specialist, allows you to book an appointment at a hospital or clinic of your choice, on a date and time that suits you.

You can book, change or cancel your appointments online, by phone, or at the surgery.

If you decide to book online or by phone, we will give you an appointment request letter. This letter includes your unique booking reference number and password. It will also have your NHS Number and a list of hospitals or clinics to choose from.

The shortlist is selected the practice, so make sure you tell us about your preferences during the discussions regarding the referral.

The NHS e-Referral Service will then provide you with information about appointment dates and times available from the shortlisted healthcare providers, allowing you to make a decision that is most suitable for you.

Further inforamtion is available on the NHS website.

District Nursing

We have a large team of nurses and Health Care Assistants employed by Yarborough/Clee Care Ltd who are based in Freshney Green Primary Care Centre. The Distric Nurses work closely with the GPs and Practice Nurses and provide nursing care and advice for patients and their families in their own homes. They provide a holistic nursing care for housebound patients.

The team can be contacted between 9:00am andd 8:00pm Monday to Friday on 01472 245046. For District Nursing nurses outside of these hours please call 01472 256256.

Patient Recall

The practice makes use of an electornic patient record system. We have a recall system for immunisations and cervical smears, for all long-term conditions and for routine health checks. You or your children may be requested to attend for one of these procedures/checks. It is in your own interest to take advantage of this service.

Travel Vaccinations

If you require any vaccinations relating to foreign travel you need to make an appointment with the practice nurse to discuss your travel arrangements. This will include which countries and areas within countries that you are visiting to determine what vaccinations are required.

There is further information about countries and vaccinations required on the Fit for Travel Webiste. (URL broken)

It is important to make this initial appointment as early as possible - at least 6 weeks before you travel - as a second appointment will be required with the practice nurse to actually receive the vaccinations. These vaccines have to be ordered as they are not a stock vaccine. Your second appointment needs to be at least 2 weeks before you travel to allow the vaccines to work.

Some travel vaccines are ordered on a private prescription and these incur a charge over and above the normal prescription charge. This is because not all travel vaccinations are included in the services provided by the NHS.